About Company
KATO Industries Office has been operating in engineering since 2011. The basis of its activity is realisation of engineering projects for gas&oil, petrochemical and automotive industry in the scope of pressure vessels, piping and steel structures.
We extend our competing advantage thanks to:
- the work of a team of highly-skilled specialists, their involvement in the project management process
- the usage of advanced technology software designed to perform engineering tasks
The team of KATO Industries has many years of experience gained while providing comprehensive services of project management processes in the mentioned lines of industry. The staff combines the know-how in crucial fields of engineering with the reliable cooperation and efficient customer communication.
Since the company’s origin, our services have been based on advanced systems of project support – specialist software addressed to design industrial installations including 3D models, generate isometric drawings, compile resource bases, make strength calculations of pressure vessels and do a structural analysis of steel constructions. Projects are prepared on HP workstations.
The very core of our services is both a qualified team of experienced specialists and top quality software. This enables us to offer our customers a smooth flow of the project management process in terms of customized time-frame and competitive prices. Our additional asset, on which we lay particular emphasis, is fluid customer communication throughout the entire project management cycle.